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    Colorsound Power Boost - Another issue!!!


      Hi guys,


      Been a long time since I posted here and i have another issue for you that hopefully you might be able to help with.


      I've just recently built another Power boost pedal for a client. I etched the board myself using the photo resist method, it came out not too bad save for a couple of areas where the tracks were broke. i patched them up with copper tape that has conductive adhesive. I've checked for continuity and all is fine where the patches are. Here are the pictures of the board and also for reference the schematic.





      I've built a few of these now and have had no issues with the circuit or builds until now. I built this one, wired it to my test rig and there is no sound at all.... it's totally dead as if it's not in the circuit at all. I've checked for voltage on input and it's ok. I've checked for continuity in the circuit and it seems ok. i don't know what the voltages should be in the various sections of the circuit so haven't checked them. I've gone basic and checked the input and output wires for breaks and they're ok. I've also checked the test rig with a known good circuit and it's OK.


      i think there might be a duff component but not sure on first steps to troubleshoot.... Any help will be greatly received.