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    Trouble connecting to PicoZed to program bitstream via JTAG


      Hello All,


      Hardware used:

      1. PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V2 + PicoZed 7Z030 SOM

      2. Digilent JTAG HS3 cable

      Software used: Vivado 2020.1


      I want to program the Programmable logic with bitstream via JTAG connection through Vivado. But I am getting an error message "No devices detected on target" on either trying to "auto-connect" or "open new target with different JTAG clock frequencies" option under "open hardware manager" in Vivado. Error message is shown in the snippet below.

      Following are the jumper settings:

      1. JP3 is closed in position 1-2
      2. JP4 is closed
      3. JP5 closed in the position 1-2

      4. PicoZed SOM is set in JTAG boot mode


      On turning on the power of the board, PG_MODULE(D4 LED), VIN_HDR(D5 LED) and D14 LED turns on (carrier board) and D3 LED turns on (PicoZed SOM). I have previously tried to perform SD boot which was successful and PS red LEDs flashed.

      Could you please help me figure out what could be the issue?