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    Circuit Maker Pro - A link to Altium's Blog post


      Just a note to those who are wondering if Altium has abandoned CircuitStudio. Their Blog Post of September 22, 2020 makes it clear they haven't, but that the new release will move the CircuitStudio product closer to the (as of this post) current release of Designer. See their blog post at the link below.




      Not knowing when the Beta cycle started, and how log that will last, it seems hard to determine if this next iteration will be released in 2021, or soon thereafter. But, hopefully this means there 'is light at the end of the tunnel, and that bug fixes coming in this proposed update.


      I am looking forward to more information and would like to upgrade when it comes out, if they don't charge too much.


          "Altium will continue to support existing Altium CircuitStudio customers; current users who are on a valid subscription will

          have the option to upgrade to Altium CircuitMaker Pro at no additional cost after the Beta cycle is successfully completed."


      I'm hoping that "valid subscription" means a current 'Maintenance Subscription'. We'll see. I don't think Altium's support has been that great over the years, and saying they 'will continue to support existing Altium CircuitStudio customers' makes me think that their viewpoint is different than the community's. Let me know if I'm wrong.


      Is anyone else glad to hear this? Is anyone else thinking of making the upgrade when it comes out, or are many going to wait and see what the initial users say. At least it 'seems' this release is going thru some lengthy bug elimination testing. (Not sure how extensive the beta testing was on either CircuitMaker or CircuitStudio.)




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          Hello Thomas,


          To answer your specific question: "... thinking of upgrading?", at least one person is.

          But I'm only thinking of it.  I'm currently using Circuit Studio but my support has expired, so upgrading might be expensive for me, so maybe I won't.


          Some customers seem to be a bit grumpy about lack of support and tardy release of upgrades, but I'm trying to be patient.  Most other customers seem to want bigger, brighter and better features, but I'd be happy if Circuit Maker Pro didn't do much more than Circuit Studio but just put the various bits and pieces where I can find them. 


          I've considered a few alternatives, such as competing products and the cloud based Circuit Maker.  That Circuit Maker is free is attractive, but that it is cloud based isn't for me, but might be for others.  It seems to be neither better than nor worse than Circuit Studio, and they seem to be mutual augmented subsets of each other. 


          Maybe we are just waiting for Godot.