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    Looking for a way to calibrate an anemometer in order to measure the wind speed


      Hello guys,

      (My first post on this forum, so ill introduce myself post scriptum)

      To get into smart home systems and arduino, I am currently building a weather station measuring temperature, humidity and all kinds of funny stuff.

      I am ALSO measuring the rotations of a self built 3d printed anemometer. I know the dimensions of the "flaps/cups", i know the rotations/frequency with which the thing is spinning

      but i simply cant think of how to calculate the windspeed, given rotations and the drag value of a half sphere (in German its called Cw-Wert).

      The actual spinning part consists of 3 equally spaced "arms" of length d each with a half sphere with diameter a.


      How do I calculate the Windspeed, given those parameters?


      Any hints are super appreciated.



      Hi, this seems like a really cool and friendly forum so i decided to sign up.

      My Name is Michael, studying engineering in Germany, eager to learn the basics of electronics and programming.