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    Where is "Component Links"


      I've imported a fairly sizable Eagle database into CS v1.52. But updating the PCB from the schematic is misbehaving. It cannot link "425 of 425" components.


      At times like this, when using Altium Designer in the old days, I would invoke the "Component Links" utility and it would fix the links and I would be on my way. .


      I found reference to it in v1.5 (see below), but the menu item simply does not exist in my v1.52. I have nothing between the "Reset" and "Re-annotate" menu items.


      I vaguely remember something about the function being moved, or changed. Can anyone advise?


      Also any ideas about why it cannot link "425 of 425" components?


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          It is strange you don't have the Component Links button on the tool ribbon under the Tools tab as shown.


          Try using the search bar and type in the term links.  For me that brings up another way to get the component links menus.


          It is not surprising that import from Eagle would have unmatched components between schematic and PCB.  As you may know, AD and CS use the unique ID code to match and these are not coordinated with an import of separate schematic and PCB files.


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              Hi Thomas


              Strangely enough, once I typed in "links" into the search box as you suggested, the "Matched Components" panel, and the Component Links menu item appeared! See below.


              I was subsequently able to match the components (took awhile) and completed the update.


              Investigating the quality of the update now, and refreshing my memory as to how to navigate the PCB editor (it's been a couple of years).


              Now, some PCB footprints need to be edited. How can IO generate a PCB library from the PCB?