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    SCH symbol artifacts after translating from Eagle


      All the schematic symbols translated from an Eagle design to Circuit Studio v1,52, have a funny artifact (see Y5 crystal below). I can't tell where the little dot is coming from. There's nothing odd in the parameters for Y5.


      The other symbols are from my own Altium library.


      Can anyone advise?



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          I think this due to it having a characteristic known as a manual parameter which refers to the origin location of the text.  There is a preferences setting for mark manual parameters.  I usually turn this off when I make the final official prints for the schematic.  Otherwise, it is useful to see where the origin of the text is.


          Also, be aware the CircuitStudio has some subtleties about text orientation.  If you import the schematic into other CAD packages (including Altium Designer) it can end up with text upside down.  That is because CS shows upside down text as right side up.  The next generation of CS in beta as CircuitMaker Pro 2 does not do this so text might be upside down when pulling in a schematic.  They might or might not have an importer correct this.  If you stay in CS then it should not matter.