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    Vitis hardware acceleration on PL + custom logic on PL




      I had quite a general question, because I'm not too sure if someone already had done a project similar to what I'm trying.


      I saw that Vitis has the capability of accelerating software code and running it in the PL with communication with the PS as well. So in a sense you write C++ code, and after choosing what you would like to accelerate in the code you can then use a HLS-like flow to create a full board package (so a bootable linux image along with an accompanying bitstream that has your logic running on the PL)


      What I'm wondering is if you can use this type of flow and also have some other custom logic running on the PL. Say you have some finite state machine already coded to run on your PL that communicates out using the GPIOs from your MiniZed, and you need this logic to work in the PL. Can you now also go through the Vitis flow to accelerate some logic in the PL? I am going to try some tests to see if this method is possible, but I wanted to just ask if someone has tried something like this already.


      I assume something like this is not possible, because the Vitis-flow will just overwrite whatever custom code you already have running on the PL but I wanted to see if there was some way of partitioning that code somehow.