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    How to swap pins between components ?



      I would like to simplify the routing of my board, and I don't mind the pins being changed on the connectors.

      I read this on the altium support : https://www.altium.com/documentation/altium-designer/pin-pair-and-part-swapping-ad

      And this on the circuitstudio support : http://documentation.circuitstudio.com/display/CSTU/PinSwapper_Dlg-ConfigureComponentPinSwap((Configure+Pin+Swapping+for…


      But I still can't do what I'd like to do...

      In their example, the swap pins in one component, in my case, I would like to swap pins between 2 components, and not obligatorily, all of them.


      Is it possible to do this without doing it by hand ?

      Thank you.

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          I don't know if this will work for your application or not, but I have always accomplished a similar thing by editing the schematic and/or re-sequencing (re-assigning) schematic symbol pins in the library, the updating the PcbDoc. Much of time it will have the effect of unscrambling tracks around many PCB components (very useful on microcontrollers). And you won't have to mess around with pin-swapping on PCB parts.