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    CS hang when trying create BOM file


      My CS will hang when exporting and config BOM export option, I already fully uninstall the program and reinstall and the problem is still there, do any one having this problem? what else I can try to do?

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          Usually reinstalling the Program doesn't solve anything.  I went through that whole mess with a printer driver and couldn't resolve the issue until I reinstalled Windows. 


          The first thing I would try is to delete the *.OutJob file and then generate a new output file using the program. If that doesn't work then the next thing I would try is to delete the *.PrjPcb file and create a new project and try again.  If that fails, then I would ask if you are using a BOM template.  The template could be corrupt or have some other issue that CS can't resolve.  Other than that, I have no idea.


          BTW.  When I say "delete" a file, I'm not actually telling you to delete the file.  Always Always ALWAYS keep your old file until you completely verify that the new one works and your settings are all correct.  So move it, rename it, keep it somewhere until you know for sure.