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    Altium CircuitStudio 1.5.2 Keeps Freezing




      after having used CS for more than a year now, I am still having the same problem since day 1: CS keeps freezing everytime I open the search tab in the Vault. Waiting for a minute or two sometimes brings the thing back to life, and sometime not. Disconnecting the internet also does the trick sometimes.


      In the beginning I thought it was related to Windows 7, so I switched to Windows 10 with a fresh installation.

      All my projects have new files, no copying of existing files into new projects.


      I am wondering, is it only me who is facing this problem? or it happens to other users also?


      I appreciate any help on this matter.


      CS is the worst software I believe has ever been released . I do not believe how such a big company as Altium could release such an unfinished, untested and buggy thing. I do not trust Altium products after this bad experience.