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    Petalinux BSP and Vitis - Vivado 2020.1


      Hello, I am new to using the Zynq platform and I currently have all 2020.1 versions of the tools (Vivado, Vitis, Petalinux)


      I got the 2020.1 BSP for the Minized from this link:



      From going to 2020.1BSPminized_2020_1.tar.gz.


      I was curious what the actual block diagram was for this, so I extracted the BSP and found the xpr (Vivado project) and opened it up and saw this:


      I had a couple of questions from this point:


      1. So I wanted to start small, and try controlling the PL_LED_G and PS_LED_R from the Linux operating system (just to get my feet wet) by writing some C code.


      So, from the root of the petalinux BSP package (the directory where I see the folders components, project-spec, pre-built, etc.) I tried doing:


      petalinux-boot --jtag --prebuilt 3


      Because I wanted to boot into the linux OS through JTAG. I was able to boot up successfully but I don't think I have any of the gcc tools on my environment. Do I need to run petalinux-build and change some settings?


      2. I also see videos where I can make a platform package in Vitis and I can test run C code (perhaps to do my controlling of PL_LED_G and PS_LED_R) from that but I'm not too sure how to make a platform package in Vitis by using the BSP I downloaded.


      Thanks for the help!