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    Ultra96-V2 low Wifi download speed


      Using custom firmware or precompiled petalinux firmware of different versions, in all cases I got a low download speed (maximum 500 kb/s) with Ultra96-V2 access point mode (by default in precompiled firmware). Did anyone else have a problem with Wifi speed to atwillc3000 and is there any way to solve the problem?

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          I am getting about the same throughput.  I connected via direct access (P2P) and tested by FTP'ing a large file.  Got the following:

          1) upload - 1.06 Mbytes/s

          2) download - 451 kbytes/s


          connecting via my local access point:


          1) upload - 1.42 Mbytes/sec

          2) download - 828 kbytes/sec


          The ATWILC3000 data sheet lists the max PHY rate of 72 Mbps.

          When my computer connected to the Ultra96-v2 board in direct mode, I noticed it was using the 802.11b/g PHY Mode (54Mbps).

          The SDIO interface is running at 4-bit mode, 50 MHz, so shouldn't be a limitation.  I would expect we should be getting ~3Mbytes/s throughput.


          Since I got better results when connecting via my local AP, it may be that the WiFi Direct P2P software is a bottleneck.  Also, I might be wrong, but I seem to remember seeing that WiFi direct mode could only connect to devices at 802.11b speeds (11Mbps).   It might be worth trying hostapd to see if we get better performance.



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