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    Reference Designator in PCB Library --Top Overlay


      I'm just starting out building custom components for a *.PcbLib.  I think I have the general idea down.  I'm missing a few points though.

      1. I don't see the text placeholder for the reference designator.  How do I add the reference designator location?  Is that automatic?

      2. I have used the "place via" tool in the editor to put 16 ground via in the QFN ground pad.  I don't see a way to add those vias to a specific net.  Is that something that has to be done explicitly in the PCB design phase?

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          The .Designator ref des string on the overlay layer will appear when the library part is placed on a PCB.  You will need to position i.  A default position does not help much.  If you want a separate assembly drawing then you do need to put the .Designator string on whatever layer you intend for assembly drawing.  Typically it is Assembly Text Top or Assembly Top.

          Any vias in the center pad will take on the net that the pad gets connected to at the PCB level.  This is also true if you put any other copper (tracks or pours) on the footprint in the library.

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