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    Why Altium don't release software updates ?


      The last update of Circuit Studio software was on March/2019 (more than two years ago).


      Why Altium don't release software updates ?

      Will be Circuit Studio software discontinued soon ?

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          Yup, the last update was in March 7, 2019. And it was a hotfix,not even a big update.But their site was already updated in 2021. Maybe they are working on smth big. On employee monitoring software ?

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              From a practical standpoint, I don't expect Altium to spend time on other than critical errors, for a product which now costs less than 10% of an AD seat.


              Altium has stated that CircuitMaker Pro will replace CS when beta testing is complete.  It will be free to those under current maintenance.  I just bought CS a few weeks ago and am hoping that the "CM Pro" comes out during my 1 year maintenance


              What I feel is good news is that supposedly, CM Pro will have some commonality with the AD code base.  What this means is that a problem in AD may also show in CM Pro, and vice versa.  This may help to get fixes and updates on a more regular basis ... hopefully.


              Having used AD for some time, AD has always seemed to have a focus on growing AD and not on fixing problems.


              Hopefully, that improves over time and "rubs off" on CM Pro.


              I've heard (from Altium) that CM Pro is in beta 3.  This sounds good, or at least better than 1.


              In Altium's defense, I think that CS is a great product at the $495 price point.  It is certainly not simple to know where to draw the line between CS and AD.  For this reason, I'm not surprised when a handy tool is missing from CS (or later, CM Pro).  Especially when they are development time (production) savers.


              If Altium is listening, one thing I would REALLY like to see is ability to import AD board files.  I can continue to bribe my licensed AD friends with a cold beer (or latte) here and there, but it would be handy to have.  Understanding that this is one of the holy grails in the pricing, It would be fine if this import function took extra, annoying work to achieve for each board.


              Perhaps AD PCB file import could be added at some extra cost.  This cost has to be reasonable, considering the audience for CS (CM Pro).  Maybe another $100.