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    Vault suggestions for Altium for both AD and CM Pro


      I'd like to make several suggestions for the Vault and they apply to any Altium product, not just CS.


      Altium either acquired or joined forces with several parts database companies.  What I found in my prior AD life was that descriptions for common parts, say a resistor, were different depending on Altium's origin for that part.  While this did not render the information useless, every new part ended up being entered manually in our own part "format".


      Schematic symbols are all over the place for size, shape and whether or not they depict the intent of a part's feature (have a look at some of the RF jack with switch, some have 3 very different symbols and some don't really depict the switch function or direction of it).


      This does render the Vault useless for such parts and we ended up creating our own symbols for most parts, especially new-ish ones.


      So in summary, the suggestions are that parts that enter the Vault must meet several standards:


      1. descriptions must be in a uniform format across vendors, outside library suppliers
      2. part values must be in a consistent property field  (resistance, for instance, can be found in comment, value, resistance or not at all depending on item)
      3. symbols must be accurate and should show intended operation (where applicable)
        1. having linear pinouts as well as functional pinouts would be nice but perhaps too much to ask for (at least in CS or CM, not in AD)


      In AD and in CS, they do not (3).


      If Element14 could forward stuff like this it would be grealy appreciated.