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    PMIC Version Check and Update


      Dear sir,


      For the case of the Ultra96-V2 Development Board, an important PMIC firmware update is required to run all of the AI applications.


      So we used the latest version image(ultra96v2_oob_2020_1_210303_8GB.img) for boot system, And followed the spec. of Ultra96-V2-GSG-v2_0.pdf to take care regarding the Chapter “14 - PMIC Version Check and Update” describes how to update the PMIC firmware.


      We get date is 6-Mar, The spec. was mentioned  updade version is 19-10-30, Please see the attached file. So i'd like to know whether need to change to 19-10-30 from 6-Mar?


      cause we concern the new image is 21-03-03, It should be fixed PMIC Version issue. Kindly for you help to clarify as well as possible.


      Thanks and best regards,