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    can not auto startup chromium(chromium-ozone-wayland)


      hi all,

      I am playing imx8qm maaxboard board

      I have added

      chromium.service  at /etc/systemd/system/chromium.service

      and make a link at /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/chromium.service

      it can run ExecStart=/bin/touch /aa.txt

      after startup , I can find /aa.txt generated, it means the chromium.service running

      but chromium not running.

      anyway, I can manaully start up  chromium after log in

      Why can not auto startup chromium ?


      any help?

      thank you.


      my chromium.service file:


      Description=launch chromium



      ExecStart=/bin/touch /aa.txt

      ExecStart=/bin/sleep 20

      ExecStart=/usr/bin/chromium  --no-sandbox --gpu-no-context-lost --enable-gpu-rasterization --start-fullscreen --kiosk --no-first-run --incognito http://localhost:3300/rpi.html > /dev/null 2>&1 &