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    Ultra96-V2 - Engineering & Technology - Documentation


      From the Ultra96-V2 page under Reference Designs there are links to a 'sharepoint' for items such as:



      PetaLinux Board Support Packages

      Ultra96-V2 – PetaLinux 2020+ BSP (Sharepoint site)


      Vitis PetaLinux Platform PreBuilt Example

      Ultra96-V2 – Vitis PetaLinux Platform 2020+ Vector Add (Sharepoint site)


      Which go to the following link:



      Under the '202.2' folder, the only thing listed is the VM Install doc yet the other 2 folders, 2019.2 and 2020.1 list: Vitis_PreBuilt_Example, BSP, OOB, Vitis_Platform, Vitis_PreBuilt_Example.


      Are these examples available for Vitis and PetaLinux 2020.2?

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          Hi Jon,


          The 2020.2 BSPs, Vitis platforms, etc. for the Ultra96-V2 SBC and UltraZed SOMs, etc. are still in development.  We are working on some changes to the rootfs configurations and that is taking longer than expected to work through.  We will be making an annouoncement when these BSPs, etc. are released.  Stay tuned!



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              Okay. Fair enough.


              For an Ubuntu install. The 2020.1 version of the Xilinx software is only supported on Ubuntu 18.04.4, or some other earlier versions, but the version listed on the Ubuntu site is 18.04.5 which I had already created a VM from and installed Vitis 2020.2. Trying to install 2020.1 on Ubuntu 18.04.5 results in an unsupported OS warning and then fails with a Java error. I did find some workarounds that were more associated with Red Hat 7.x, but opted to create a new 18.04.4, which is listed as an old release, VM and install 2020.1. After the 2020.1 install, the Xilinx installer prompted to upgrade to 2020.2 which I did not do and then to update 2020.1 to 2020.1.1 which I again did not do.


              For the RoadTest I am working on, I'll just stick with the 2020.1 version for now, but see if I can migrate anything up to 2020.2