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    Problems with Pi desktop kit dev-14354 and RTC


      Good Morning. I have RaspPi 3b+ / OS: Debian 10 Buster / the Pi Desktop-Kit dev-14354 and pidesktop-base 1.1.7 from here: https://github.com/hoopsurfer/pidesktop . Install is all good, but i haven't access to hwclock (Message: no usage hwclock found). why? I asked the question 2 weeks ago on here in the forum, but have not yet received an answer. With best regards. Jan Schumann

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          I see by your membership date you are a newly minted member to the E14 Community. Let me start out by saying welcome to our humble abode. Before you invest time in reading my response I will confess up front, I do not have the answer to your problem. Maybe you want to abandon this read and move on.


          I can provide some insight and maybe generate community interest in your inquiry. This site is not a support site for products sold. It is a community of users that have common interests that are brought together through the support of Farrell/Newark. You may get an answer to a product problem here or you may not.


          I believe there is knowledge in the members that may lead to a solution to your problem. The exercise becomes how to encourage those responses. Provide detailed information and asking specific questions is critical to garnering support.


          Here is the command output I generated from a fresh install of Raspberry Pi operating system.

          pi@raspberrypi:~/scripts $ sudo hwclock -r

          hwclock: Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method.

          hwclock: Use the --verbose option to see the details of our search for an access method.


          The length of my technology teeth (i.e. I have been around this stuff for a long time), give me reason to suspect things are not as they once appeared. I did a search for establishing time on the Pi and discovered the information is confusing because the context of what operating system version time is generated is different. Meaning the way time is established today may not be the way time was established two years or even a year ago.


          My knowledge of time suggests hardware, NTP, systemd services, real-time clocks (RTC) and fake-hwclocks have all had a hand in managing Pi time. I'm not confident I could say "this is the way it is done today." I did consider pulling out a RTC and working time but I have other engagements that are consuming time.


          I didn't see your original post. Instead of assuming I know what you are trying to accomplish care to provide some details? Maybe I can circle back and give you some time.