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    Vitis SW and HW Emulator (QEMU)



      I was trying to emulate Ultra96 on either Software or Hardware Emulation. I have to mention that Hardware is running correctly and I am downloading on the board without errors. Also SW and HW emulation on zcu102 and zcu104 is running fine too.


      On SW-Emulation I am building without errors, but when I am running the emulator I get the following error "hub 0 is not connected to host network" and agent is stuck:



      On the HW-Emulation I am facing a build-error. Probably I am missing some Avnet's IP and the Vivado Implementation fails
      "WARNING: [VPL 60-732] Link warning: IP ULTRA96V2_PWM_w_Int_0_0 is locked. Locked reason: * IP definition 'PWM_w_Int (1.0)' for IP 'ULTRA96V2_PWM_w_Int_0_0' (customized with software release 2020.1) was not found in the IP Catalog.".
      This is the error (attached is the vivado.log) :

      So probably I have to download the locked IP.