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    How to measure the power at ir38060-i2c-6-45(5V) using pynq 2.6 + DPU-PYNQ 1.3


      Hi everyone,


      I'm a student trying to use DPU+PYNQ v 1.3.0 to deploy some models, when I'm trying to measure the power at [recorder = pynq.DataRecorder(rails["5V"].power)], it didn't work.

      I found it's because I couldn't get the sensor ir38060-i2c-6-45(5V).

      It seems I have to make changes on both the /etc/sensors.d/ultra96.conf and the BOOT.bin, image.ub to make it work, but I don't know how to make these changes on the PYNQ 2.6 and

      make sure the DPU+PYNQ 1.3 work correctly.


      I would appreciate it very much, if you can write an answer to it when you are available.

      Thanks a lot!