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    Network FMC Module to 1Giga compatibility with ZedBoard


      Hello all,

      I am using the FMC NETWORK - Avnet module on the zedboard to make an ethernet communication between the zedboard and a PC. For company requirements, I use the PL part of Zedboard with an IP MAC. For a speed of 10 / 100M the design has been validated, it works perfectly well. However, when I try to switch to 1Gbit in the same design without autonegotiation, between the phys (FMC module / PC) there is no activity. When I try to communicate with auto-negotiation, the auto-negotiation status is completed for 1Giga but I always find an error in fcs.


      Ps: I use a CAT6 cable and the two phys are configured for 1Giga or for autonegotiation (FMC module / PC), we have no interoperability errors between them. I thought about a skew error but I don't see any difference when I change the skew to RX_Data and Rx_Clk. Could you help me?



      Thank you in advance for your attention.