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    Display port not working



      I'm just started work on a UltraZed-EV. I'm just going thro the start up and I'm not getting an output on the display port. The device boots ok and when I run drmdevice I get:


      when I do cat  /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/state I get:

      notes at the end of this I don't get a [375.65] PLL: enable or the [375.86] Console: switching or the [375.90] zynq-display as per the README.uz7ec_cc-DisplayPort-Interface-Config.txt doc.

      When I run the command again I get exactly the same. I have the links set correctly and have a display attached. Does the display have to be a particular type? Any suggestions as to why this is not behaving as the start up would be appreciated.