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    Embest is ceasing operation?


      Hi  Josh,

      My company wants to order more maaxboard ?

      but the people(embest) we connect to before  told us the Embest is shutdown


      who (where) is the CM factory  we can connect to ?


      Thank you.








      the email from embest:





      Hi XXX,


      Embest is going to shutdown by this month end.

      And both eMMC version and standard version is not in the stock.


      After Embest shutdown, some products will be transferred to our CM factory to continue the supply. And business part can deal with our recommended distributor.

      Now the distributor has 45pcs of standard MaaXBoard in stock. Would you like to accept that please?


      Best regards,








      I am sorry to inform you that  is ceasing operation from Apr 1, 2021 due to Avnet's strategy.


      Should there be any questions or any support needed from me, please contact me personally at:


      email: XXXXX@qq.com

      Mob/WeChat: +XXXXXX

      Skype: XXXXXX


      Thanks sincerely for your support in the past.

      I will be happy to hear from you!


      Wish you all the best!