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    PIR sensor and 4g camera interference


      Hi, firstly I am not into electronics and just chasing a solution to a problem, I just cant find anyone so far in Adelaide to help.


      My problem is I am constructing a post mounted 4g camera with sim and adjacent to this I have a 12v pir sensor hooked to a led light.....ISSUE…when the camera engages it interferes with the pir and constantly turns it on and off.

      It has been suggested to me , by placing the OPTIR 1.0 NG 305 X 100 Filter Infrared film over the pir sensor screen would stop the interference between the camera and PIR sensor……any thoughts or optional suggestions would be appreciated.


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          Assuming they have separate power supplies...

          You need to determine if the PIR sensor is triggering on IR or on RF.

          If you shield the PIR sensor from IR coming from the camera or shield it from RF it should tell you what the problem is.

          You then need to decide how to shield one or other device so the unwanted signal does not reach the PIR sensor.

          If they share a power supply, try using a separate power supply - it that works, you can filter the supply to the PIR sensor better.

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              Thanks Douglas,

              I have eliminated the power supply, it has the same affect be it the same, or an entirely independent power source.


              I also was advised to try wrapping the PIR in foil, again this test  did not change the result.


              I wonder if , as  the PIR was imported from China , if an aussie manufactured PIR work on different frequencies?


              I have even had the suggestion to add the film below over  the PIR screen?



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