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    Updated BSPs for Designed By Avnet products


      Hi everyone,


      I know there are a lot more followers in the FPGA group than in the ZedBoard group.  I thought it would be good to post this here as well.


      We updated the 2020.2 BSP/Vitis Platform/Vitis Example/Vitis AI images for the Designed By Avnet products!  This includes the very popular MiniZed, Ultra96v2, UltraZed product line and a slew of our more legacy products!

      This also includes Vitis platforms for nearly EVERY SINGLE one of our boards!  Very exciting!


      Here is a link to the original post that has all the details!

      Updated Designed By Avnet BSP & Platforms for v2020.2 tools, the clutter reduction edition!


      Happy building!