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    Maaxboard sn65dsi83 mipi dsi to lvds Converter Issue


      Hello all,

           I have a 10.25 "1280 * 480 resolution screen. I want to run this screen with maaxboard, but I was not successful.

      I connect the screen with sn65dsi83 which is a mipi dsi to lvds converter, I tried the kernel configurations with dcss and lcdif, I could only print the test pattern in the test mode on  screen when i use sn65dsi83 with maaxboard via i2c communication. I could not get any image in the normal mode .


      I'm trying to stand up with maaxboard-dcss-mipi.dtb;

           When I use this dtb file, the system gets up properly, I see that the sn65dsi83 installation has been done properly, but I can't get any image. You can see the output of dmesg in the "maaxboard-dcss-mipi-dmesg.txt" file.


      I'm trying to stand up with maaxboard-lcdif-mipi.dts;

           When I use this dtb file, the system loading is interrupted and the root file cannot jump to the system.

      You can see the output of dmesg in the "maaxboard-lcdif-mipi-dmesg.txt" file.


      Device                : Maaxboard imx8mq / https://www.avnet.com/wps/portal/us/products/new-product-introductions/npi/avnet-maaxboard/

      Yocto version      : https://github.com/Avnet/meta-maaxboard/tree/zeus

      sn65dsi83 driver : https://github.com/digi-embedded/linux/tree/v5.4/dey-3.0%2Fmaint/drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/sn65dsi83

      Screen                : 10.25 '' 1280x480


      I have a hard time understanding where I am having problems. I would be glad if you could help. Thanks



      1) maaxboard-dcss-mipi-dmesg.txt

      2) maaxboard-lcdif-mipi-dmesg.txt

      3) maaxboard-dcss-mipi.dts

      4) maaxboard-lcdif-mipi.dts

      5) maaxboard-dsi-common.dtsi

      6) TestPatern.jpeg


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