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    Data Transfer Directly to a Mass Storage Device through USB


      I am on a project that basically aims following;

      1. receiving 16 Bit-10MSPS ADC 16-Pin parallel output during 5 minutes of cycles,
      2. creating a document on each cycle, and gathering the digital data received during the cycle into this document, and tagging each and every document with the date and time of the cycle they belong to
      3. then finally transferring the created documents to a 2.5 inch USB plug-go mass storage device


      P.S. The cycles are triggered by an external sensor connected to a microcontroller. Since power is an issue, all the system elements except the microcontroller including FPGA, ADC and analog signal generator should be sleeping during idle time. A 5 minute-long pulse generated by the microcontroller following each trigger wakes up the system elements.  Therefore, the boot-up time of the Ultra96 V2 should be taken into consideration. And it might be switched off a bit later than the other equipment considering the write-up time to the USB.

      Besides, it is planned to replace the filled USB storage with an empty one periodically by a non-professional. So it has to be no software update need after each change such as a computer.


      I am not an FPGA expert and what I learned so far is a stand-alone FPGA is not able to perform mentioned kind of data processing and transfer. This is a software needed task and I focused on the SoCs for this reason. Then I was advised to look into the Ultra96 V2.


      I would like to ask if the mentioned task is feasible to build on an Ultra96 V2 board.


      Thanks for your time