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    Searching the vault find too many products


      I'm following this tutorial:




      In it the author searches the vault library for "100k 5% 0805" and finds a few parts.


      When I do this search, I find hundreds of parts and they don't match.

      Why is this?

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          In the Vault, if you search with the Search tab selected in the left pane, you will get the filtered results.  This also gives you a search term entry box almost the full screen width titled Generic Search.


          One caveat to this is that it takes a long time for the Search tab to return your first results.  I now leave it open 24/7 and am peacefully coexisting, actually happy with the search results, of the Vault.


          If you search with the upper right search box as you've shown, you'll get a lot of irrelevant content.  I have not looked into the cause of it.