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    Raspberry PI firmware

      We bought the "raspberry Pi 3 model B+ starter kit" thru amazon, but never had the guts to try and download and burn firmware.
      What can we do so we can finally use it?

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          Congratulations! There are a number of us on this site that work a considerable bit with the Pi's.


          I'm not sure of your experience level so let's start basic.


          If you have an HDMI cable ready monitor (TV just a good), a USB keyboard and mouse you got a computer once you get an operating system (O/S) installed. If you have a connection to the Internet, then you have a computer that can surf the internet. The wired internet is easier to start but wireless is a very close second.


          The official Pi O/S is available publicly. There are others. I'm not going to discuss pro's and con's of each. I going to assume when you indicated firmware, you are actually talking about O/S. Yes the Pi has firmware but it is not something the average user deals with.


          The O/S is available from https://www.raspberrypi.org/software/ You need to install it on an SD card. The installer for performing that task is at the same link. Use an SD card 16G or greater in size. 8G will work with some O/S but it is a real pain in the arse to discover you need to change your SD card.


          I recommend you get the full version of the operating system with all the software installed. This will give you all the bells and whistles and it should minimize software installs later


          On the first boot the O/S will walk you through some configuration details. It will ask about setting up a wireless network. If you have a network connection the O/S will attempt to connect to the O/S site and get any updates.


          Now sit back and look through the menus of the O/S. The full version provides a number of software loads. You can explore and see what interest you.


          If you have question make a post. I suggest if you post again, look for the Raspberry Pi forum on this site. It will have all the Pi heads hanging out there.

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