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    Access to Unified Components


      On 16 April, mf_ibfeew made reference to a treasure trove of integrated libraries.  Several years ago, while my Circuit Studio support subscription was current, I was able to access these easily.  They are amazingly valuable and useful.  I've had other interests for a few years, so I allowed my support subscription to expire.  Following the reference by mf_ibfeew, I thought I'd check if I could still access these libraries.  I can't, but the problem is mysterious.  The whole procedure seems to work and I get a message telling me I've succeeded and that I'll get an email soon.  I don't.  Not even in Spam.  Although my support subscription has expired, I sent an email to the Altium, well Element14, support address.  I haven't received a reply, but without a support subscription, that is probably reasonable.  I suspect that the lack of access to the Unified Components libraries might also arise because my support subscription has expired.  Or does it?  Does anyone know?  If I bought and/or renewed my support subscription, would doing that restore access? 


      Although the Altium Vault is currently their pride and joy, I found the trove of integrated libraries more useful for me and easier to use.