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    Community Site Clean-Up - Read if you're a long time member with old content on the site

    Christopher Stanton

      Hello everyone!


      If you've been a member of the element14 Community for a long time (heck we've been running for about 10 years!) then you'll probably have content on the site, maybe you uploaded videos, perhaps you were involved in an older roadtest or created blogs on the site.


      We've been cleaning up groups and spaces, making some areas private so that they're no longer accessed, moving content into other areas so that they make a bit more sense (sometimes we get this right, sometimes we get this wrong...)


      When I'm moving content around the site, and closing down some groups that don't make sense (way back when we used to allow users and suppliers/manufacturers create groups as they wanted) there might be some content by users caught in the crossfire, and we wouldn't want you to discover that it's gone or locked away by accident.


      As an example, we used to have groups on 'Lighting' and 'Consumer White Goods', so these groups are going to be retired because no-one's used them for 3+ years, but groups such as 'Roadtests' are definitely staying.


      So have a look through any blog posts or content you have that may be 3+ years older, and have a copy of it somewhere, export it to 'pdf' or download it in some manner.


      Where it's a video that you've uploaded to the Community and if you want a backup of it, that's a bit tricky but if you reach out to me then I may be able to help you out.


      As always, reach out to me if you have any questions.