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    Connect multiple screens on raspberry pi 4 model B




      I allow myself to contact you in order to know if it's possible to connect 6 screens to one Raspberry PI 4 model B.

      Moreover, I want the 6 screens to show completely different content, I want them to be completely independent from each other.

      I tried to find out the answer of my question on different platforms but I'm still not finding a solution.


      Thank you in advance,


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          It depends what info you want to display.

          The Pi4 is only designed to run 2 HDMI displays and 1 MIPI DSI screen, so you cannot generate 6 different video streams simultaneously.

          If you only want 6 static screens that only update periodically, you would still need smart displays that had built-in computers that could receive images via ethernet.

          You can run 6 screens with a PC or a Mac, but running 2 or 3 Pi4s to get 6 screens is cheaper than running a PC or Mac.

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