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    Orphaned configuration.



      I've got the same issues like Marks Willams

      Orphaned configuration. No base extension cfg exists for com.renesas.cdt.rxc.release.win32.configuration.Id.382635110.1527953263.1804331052

      Could you help me please?

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          Jan Cumps

          I tried to search Marks Willams, and the error message you posted. I don't find anything back.


          Do you have a link or some context related to your question? And what test instrument it's related to.

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            I see by your profile information you are a new member to the E14 Community. Welcome. Most new people to this site think, with all this engineering talent in one place they will know what I am talking about. We appreciate the vote of confidence but need a little help.


            There are a considerable number of people at this site that are willing to answer questions. The important thing to remember is, how the question is asked. You can get answers to questions fairly fast or you can spend considerable time in the cycle of post-reply-repeat. The key is the amount and quality of information provided in your question.


            Present your question with as much detail as possible. Think of the details like bait for fishing. You want to catch a fish but you don't know what they fish like to eat. If you provide on your hook as many food delicacies fish normally eat you increase your chances of a fish taking a bite.


            Your question needs to have all the details (bait) so that when someone passing by reads it, you have increased your chances they recognize (like) what you are talking about and can respond (bite). You don't want the person answering the question to do more work, request details, than is needed to answer the question. By giving them lots of information that they can process, you greatly improve your chances of a correct response the first time.


            The unfortunate downfall of a good question is, the onus is on you. You have to do the work. It takes time and effort on your part and all you want is just an answer. The other downside after you do all that work is, no one has the answer. Augh crap, I did all that work and didn't get an answer. The flip side is that all that work does increase you chances of a first time answer when someone responds.