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    Unable to Connect to Zedboard Target in Vivado via JTAG (Not Micro USB)


      I need to use the JTAG header to program the Zedboard, since the microUSB connector is physically damaged.


      I cannot find any documentation or forums about how to use the JTAG connector for programming the FPGA, so I am going to ask for your help.


      I have a basic design in Vivado for making switch 0 toggle led 0. The bitstream is ready to be sent to the FPGA. However, when I try to connect to the hardware, by clicking "Open target", it is unable to connect.



      When I try to manually connect:



      I am using Xilinx Platform Cable USB adapter for connecting the JTAG to the computer's USB input:



      I have the driver installed, and it appears in my list of devices when plugged in, and disappears if I unplug it, and is up-to-date:



      I suspect the jumpers may not be configured properly? But again I cannot find clear documentation on how to set this up. This is how mine is set up:



      Here is some information about my computer:



      I am using Vivado 2016.1, which I assumed would work since that comes with the Zedboard board file and is used in tutorials (although I had to download the Diligent board file separately from their Github, as instructed in the tutorial).


      I hope I have provided enough information. I appreciate any help!