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    Issue of launching QEMU software emulation in Vitis




      I am new to ultra96v2 and the Vitis design suite. Currently, I am trying to run the vector addition example provided by Vitis. Everything works fine, until software emulation, the progress bar gets stuck on the "Waiting for the Linux TCF agent to start" phase. I am using Vitis 2020.2 along with Petalinux 2020.2. The platform I am using is also the platform provided at the share point.

      Taking a look at the console, I see that it complains about hub0 not being connected to the host network. The pmu_args.txt file and the qemu_args.txt are all under the same directory as the PMU firmware file.

      I suspect that the platform I downloaded does not support QEMU. Is this really the case?

      Did anyone encounter a similar problem? Any solution? My appreciation in advance.