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    Account activation is broken

      Keep getting "Please activate your element14 Community account" e-mails (for weeks now). I do as instructed (provide desired password; per all criteria and see "green") but button click (using Firefox or Chrome) does nothing.


      Is Element14 even active? Is my time being wasted? By now any competently operated entity would seemingly realize that it is not getting new registrations from Firefox and Chrome users (80%+ of the market).

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          Christopher Stanton

          Is this for the element14 Community account? Are you using any extensions, plugins or otherwise for your web browser?

          Have you tried following this process in an incognito or private browser window?


          We're receiving new registered members on the element14 Community all of the time, it's possible that there's a problem with the 'activate your account' process that occurs as part of the online store sign-up where you then tick the box to register for a Community account as well.