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    Circuit studio ERC problem


      Hello all,


      I am facing problem while running ERC in circuit studio .

      where port Is connected only  to the single pin still it not showing error while compelling project

      please suggest me how to find out single pin error



        • Re: Circuit studio ERC problem

          I believe CS defaults to a few unsavory Error Reporting options, so I always:

          • Home > Project > Options > Error Reporting Tab (click on colored folder to change error level)
            • Under Violations Associated with Nets:
              • Ensure Nets with Only One Pin generates a Fatal Error (default is No Report or Warning I believe)



          I change this to "Fatal Error"


          FYI - other Error Reporting options I will change on every project are:

          • Home > Project > Options > Connection Matrix Tab (click on colored squares to change error level)
            • Ensure Unconnected to Unconnected  generates a Warning (default is No Report)
          • To suppress "Nets with Only One Pin" errors when Compiling:
            • Place Directives > Generic No ERC (small red x) on each unused or single net pins in the design


          Hope that helps,