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    UltraScale+ EV, General questions regarding the Cortex R5F




      I have a few questions regarding the real-time cores (Cortex R5F) on the UltraScale+ EV:)


      • Can the real-time cores run independently from the rest of the SoC?
      • Do the real-time cores can have access to the SD card and CAN peripherals?
      • Can the real-time cores interface with custom IPs on the FPGA? And are there any speed limitations compared to the APUs interface with the FPGA?


      The main reason for using the R5-F cores is an attempt to conserve power in the system. The hope is to turn off the APUs and let the real-time cores perform some data movement tasks via the CAN bus (from an SD card). Would moving these operations over on the real-time cores, and shutting down the APUs, etc. conserve power?