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    [How to] Not use your resume while job hunting

    Cabe Atwell

      I gave you some insight into writing a resume, now I am going to suggest not using it. Although I said to make your resume extensive, you will not have something on it that the employer wants to see. It is as if they treat the resume as a written in stone summary of you. Once the employer sees you do not have "X" experience, they move on.


      If the resume doesn't "wow" them with its vast description of your skills, you will not have an opportunity to change their mind. Employers want results, skilled workers, and something for nothing. We are creative, innovative, people. It is easy to let our reputation precede us. In today's world of social media, easy website building, and blogs there are other ways to showcase your expertise.


      Build a personal website and talk about everything you do. Wordpress, Drupal, and other site building tools are free and professional looking, and will definitely "wow" future employers. Just avoid letting it look like the ludicrous Time Cube site. Or use some sort of Blog site. an easy example would be to build your online presence here at Element14. Start your E14 Blog today.



      You site, or blog, makes employers think that for pittance they give you, they will get a motivated super-star/workhorse. It is a great image to put forward.  I once asked, is an online resume important? I know the answer; yes it is, but it doesn't have to be a traditional resume. Just show what you can do.


      On the other hand, it is scary to think that merit may be the only way to get a job. What about those who didn't graduate at the top of their class? The ones with bad luck? The ones who had to do something else to make ends meet? My message to them is simple, slowly build your portfolio (which is what it is). Don't fear moving slowly, fear standing still.




      ps. A resume is still important, if only as a formality. Most companies need one for HR purposes, a basis to evaluate you on, so do write one. But, your online presence will set you apart from everyone else.