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    Chip tune...



      I'm just started to discover the reprogramming the chip of the car. The ECM. I invite others to with experience of this to join this conversation.

      What car have YOU chip-tuned?

      Which chip was used (and where did you purchase it..)?

      What diagnosis-program/s did you use?

      What programmer was used?

      What software was used?

      ...and so on...


      I'll reveal my finding on this subject when members of this group are starting to add up..


      Kind regards / Marcus

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          Cabe Atwell



          I had a 1985 Toyota Corolla Hatchback that I swapped a 4AGZE engine into. And to get the peak HP out of the engine I turned the new ECU with a handheld device called a LINK engine management system.

          For the record, I was only able to get about 190HP out of the engine. Not quite what I was hoping for.


          d1 002.jpg

          My car when I first bought it. Sad to say, I have sold it soon after the engine swap. I do miss it.



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              Hi Cabe!

              Pardon my late reply - won't happen again..

              So you just swapped the entire ECU?

              You didn't actually chip-tune?

              This ECU unit must have been some kind of stock version?

              How many HP's did you have before the swap?


              What I'm doing now is doing everything from scratch - I'm even building the programmer (which I'm going to use to program the actual chip with..) myself..


              I've bought 2 sets of chips: one that's exact substitute to the original one - the other is faster and can contain more info...

              I'm also making my own ALDL inteface (cable) - to see how the engine is doing: before , during and after "chipping"..

              Chip-tune your car wrong - and the engine may fall to pieces...


              Looking forward to hear your story!


              Kind regards / Marcus