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Beagle Bone Black Webinar Series Recipe #5   IO with C and mmap

In this webinar series from and element14, Jason Kridner will highlight five  recipes  from his latest book  BeagleBone CookBook  and demonstrate the projects. There will also be a live Q&A session following the demonstration.  Not able to attend one of the live sessions? Don t worry, we ll have the recordings of these events available after the presentation.In smaller processors that aren t running an operating system, you can read and write a given memory address directly from C. With Linux running on BeagleBone, many of the memory locations are protected, so you can t accidentally access them directly.This webinar will show how to use mmap() to map the GPIO registers to an array in C. Then all you need to do is access the array to read and write the registers. This can sometimes be a great way to speed up accesses.