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Allen Bradley - AdvancedHMI Halloween Display


This is the Halloween display for my house in 2017. The main system is controlled by a Allen Bradley SLC5/05 that controls over the network a SLC5/04 in the living room and a SLC50/3 in the kitchen. Also on the network are 2 other SLC5/03's that are for home automation and security and not used for holiday lights. For Christmas another SLC5/03 for a tree with 96 sections of colored lights, 3 sections of white, a controlled treetop, 3 colors of wash flood lights, and USB powered snakelights and faceted clear balls for a mirror ball effect. The 6 foot tree has almost 1,200 feet (365 meters) of wire on it. Also for Christmas I have 2 door wreaths each with 10 sections controlled by a Siemens S7-200 PLC.


The system is controlled by 2 PC's and a Windows tablet running AdvancedHMI, a free open source graphical HMI that is programmed in Visual Studio, of which there is a free version of also.