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Drew Littrell intends to Hack Like Heck

  • I intend to make a video that shows me creating a working project
  • I will post the video on the element14 Community by the submission deadline
  • If my video is one of the top 10 finalists I will receive $500 for my video
  • I'd also like to thank Ben and the team for all their contributions to the maker community





      Let's face it. Nintendo's R.O.B. was never truly reliable. You couldn't trust your "robotic operating buddy" to raise/lower those columns in Gyromite when you needed him to do so most. However, now thanks to the innovation of modern technology we're able to right a wrong that has persisted far too long. Using the raspberry pi portable format and leaving some the GPIO header accessible we can turn R.O.B into a giant button so that when you hit him on his head, he'll light up, and finally do his job for once! This submission for the Hack Like Heck contest promises to deliver on the promise that Nintendo sold to you as a child...then again it may be too late for that.