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NOVSIS - an NFC-based Office Visitor Sign-In System (POC Demo)


This is a working demo of NOVSIS, which is an NFC-based Office Visitor Sign-In System.


The system uses a PN7150 NFC controller in multiple modes. It reads NDEF data from NFC Tags, to provision WIFI, for example. It uses P2P mode to exchange information to the cellular/mobile smart phone so that it can connect via Bluetooth LE, and it writes byte data to MIFARE cards.


As part of the working demo I have a RC522 connected to a MKR1000 MCU, which will eventually be used to connect to the cloud for access control. Here the RC522 is used to read the data of a MIFARE card and confirm via Serial Monitor the PN7150 MIFARE card write.


My blog write up as part 2 of my Project14 NFC project submission to follow shortly.

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NOVSIS: the NFC-based Office Visitor Sign-In System – PART 2 (Unpacking the POC demo)