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NFC Products: IoT solution made easy with NFC 1: NFC commissioning solution with the NTAG I²C plus kit for Arduino pinout


The Internet of Things or IoT is a buzzword these days.


Generally speaking, IoT refers to all kind of objects…. from medical equipment, appliances, wearables, meters, to cars….  which get equipped with sensors and network capabilities so they are able to collect and exchange data.


The Internet of Things does not refer to any specific technology, but actually, it is made of many technologies working together in the direction to…. increase automation, safety and efficiency of everyday tasks.


Today, the growing number of NFC smartphones enables intuitive interaction with just a tap to your smart device.

Take the Smart Home example: very often complexity comes with the first setup of devices that are as diverse as the standards under which they operate. NFC provides simplicity in the entire home network. With just a tap, new objects and devices are easily connected to the network. NFC is perfectly complementary with the other wireless technologies whether it's ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth, or any other RF protocol.

The newly released OM23221ARD NTAG I2C plus kit for Arduino pinout further simplifies the integration of NFC with many MCU families.

What you’ll learn


This webinar covers details of how NFC overcomes the cumbersome network commissioning process.


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OM23221ARD NTAG I2C plus kit for Arduino pinout


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Course Outline

  • IoT and smart home adoption today.
  • NFC commissioning solution.
  • NXP product offering for smart home.
  • Overview of the new NTAG I2C plus kit for Arduino pinout.


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