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AVNET Azure Sphere Guardian-100 acting as DHCP and (local) SNTP server


This video demo captures the unique high level API feature of separating Internet access from a private Local Area Network. The AVNET Azure Sphere Guardian-100 is running the PrivateNetworkServices example, which configures the Azure Sphere device to run a DHCP server and an SNTP server, and implements a basic TCP server.


The client device, shown in the video, is simply an Arduino Mega 2560 with a WZ5100 Ethernet Shield. When it requests the time using a standard Arduino UDP NTP library, instead of specifying the actual NTP time server (e.g. you simply specify the local host server address and the Azure Sphere does the rest, securely, thus separating the private network from a public network.


The Azure Sphere sample code can be found here:

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