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With our UWB solutions, we securely determine the relative position of peer devices


NXP Ultra-Wideband (UWB) securely determines the relative position of peer devices with a very high degree of accuracy. Adding spatial context to devices and objects allows for new seamless user experiences:

  • Securely enter your home and car with your digital keys on your mobile • Track items and objects down to cm level
  • Leverage device-to-device communication to find your friend in busy environments such as train stations or airports
  • Have IoT connected devices react to you from one room to another to make smart home more energy efficient and designed for you
  • Use indoor navigation services as your personal tour guide wherever you go
  • Discover UWB’s radar capabilities for new automotive use cases NXP’s unique market leadership positions cultivate secure UWB innovation across vertical and horizontal applications in auto, mobile and IoT markets.


For further information on UWB:

NXP is a member of the FiRa Consortium with working groups dedicated to the development of seamless user experiences using UWB Technology.

For more information of the FiRa Consortium: