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Lights and Fan Home Automation with Espruino, Espruino Hub, PAN1780 nRF52840, and Sonoff (Tasmota)


the nRF52840 development board PAN1780 runs the Espruino Firmware Espruino Hub running MQTT and Node-Red is running on a Pi4B outside the room Sonoff S26 and R3 were flashed with Tasmota and linked via MQTT This video is part of a road test series at Element14: 0:00 Start 0:05 Toggle Light (BTN1) 0:10 Toggle Fan (BTN2) 0:19 Both OFF (BTN3) 0:26 Both ON (BTN4) 0:34 Both OFF (BTN3) 0:42 Toggle Light (BTN1) 0:45 Toggle Light (BTN1) 0:49 Toggle Fan (BTN2) 0:55 Toggle Light (BTN1) 1:02 Both OFF (BTN3) 1:07 Both ON (BTN4) 1:12 Both OFF (BTN3)

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Roadtesting The PAN1780 Evaluation Kit (part 3) - Home Automation via BLE Advertising and MQTT