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PIC18 Explorer Board

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Description: This low-cost demo board is for evaluation of our PIC18 MCU families. The PIC18 is our highest performance 8-bit architecture and has three different families: standard PIC18, PIC18 J-series and PIC18 K-series. This single development board supports dozens of the general purpose PIC18 families using various processor Plug-In Modules (PIMs). PICtail daughter boards enable many different accessory boards to connect to the PIC18 Explorer board for a flexible and complete development environment. This board is the ideal complement to the MPLAB® ICD 2 debugger and programmer for a full-featured, economical, PIC18 development environment.  The PIC18 Explorer features a PIC18F8722 microcontroller --the superset of our standard PIC18 general purpose 5V family. This board also includes the PIC18F87J11 processor PIM, which is the superset of our PIC18 J-series of 3V MCUs for cost-sensitive applications.   The PIC18 Explorer board makes it easy to demonstrate, evaluate and design applications incorporating our PIC18 products. With the PIC18 Explorer Board, its easy to migrate within the PIC18 portfolio from 18 to 100 pins --up to 128KB Flash and up to 16 MIPS performance with various integrated peripherals, including CAN, Ethernet, USB and LCD.